On November 20, 2014 Geo&Land organized an international conference on Geoinformation, Space and Defence. This successful conference was a result of the cooperation of Geo&Land, Department for Viniculture and Enology in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development, and AIRBUS Space & Defence. It took place in Rahovec, in the building of the Department for Viniculture and Enology.

Individuals from different background, interested in the fields of security, geointelligence and agriculture as well, were present during the conference, including representatives from Kosovo Security Force, Ministry of Internal Affairs, owners of private companies and representatives from Kosovar media. The partnership of Geo&Land with AIRBUS provided our company with an opportunity to share the insights and solutions proposed by AIRBUS in the field of security for Kosovo. Mr. Geroge Vozikis and Mr. Arsim Shillova presented these solutions on behalf of AIRBUS Space & Defence.

In addition, Geo&Land’s cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture in the process of creating the Kaveko system, as an integration of computer technology and agriculture in Kaveko was shared from Mr. Bekim Hoxha, Director of the Department for Viniculture and Enology. Further, KFIS system and its way of digitalizing forestry-related data were shared with the audience by Dr. Perparim Ameti. Mrs. Ivana Petric, the homologue of Mr. Bekim Hoxha for Croatia, contributed by sharing the rules and procedures of Croatian’s Department for Viniculture and Enology and their day to day activities. The conference was followed by an hour of wine tasting in the wine cellar of Stone Castle, a local wine producing company. The whole conference was regarded as highly successful and informative by the audience itself.


Thursday, 20 November 2014

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