On Wednesday, 15th of October, Geo & Land organized a workshop about the application it is currently working on, Kaveko. In this workshop, representatives from Department for Vineyards and Wines of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development were present.Representatives of Geo & Land presented on the progress made with the application.

In regards to vineyard cadastre, they specifically focused on how to maneuver within the maps present in the application, how to perform a detailed research about farmers, printing certificates, vineyard renting, vintage reporting. Moreover, their presentation expanded to include the aspect of control of wines quality. In this part, Geo & Land representatives talked about the process of the request and administering the lab parameters.

In the end, the audience was invited to share their remarks and the needs of the department which included being able to zoom in more in maps, to require a reason for printing out the certificate and to grant the right to delete or edit declarations to the authorized staff among other requests. For more information on Kaveko, please refer to the following link: https://apps.geoland-kosova.com/kaveko/Welcome.do

Thursday, 15 October2014